Spin dependent inelastic collisions between metastable state two-electron atoms and ground state alkali-atoms

Florian Schäfer, Hideki Konishi, Adrien Bouscal, Tomoya Yagami, Yoshiro Takahashi
2017 New Journal of Physics  
Experimentally the spin dependence of inelastic collisions between ytterbium (Yb) in the metastable 3P0 state and lithium (Li) in the Li ground state manifold is investigated at low magnetic fields. Using selective excitation all magnetic sublevels mJ of 174Yb(3P0) are accessed and four of the six lowest lying magnetic sublevels of 6Li are prepared by optical pumping. On the one hand, mJ-independence of collisions involving Li(F=1/2) atoms is found. A systematic mJ-dependence in collisions with
more » ... Li(F=3/2) atoms, in particular suppressed losses for stretched collisional states, is observed on the other hand. Further, mJ-changing processes are found to be of minor relevance. The span of observed inelastic collision rates is between 1*10^-11 cm^3/s and 40*10^-11 cm^3/s, and a possible origin of the observed behavior is discussed.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/aa8cec fatcat:5kupznbbgneibmmbzgvdvd4ipu