Upgrading landfill gas to natural gas quality: Bulk separation by pressure swing adsorption

Chris Bestfather, Université D'Ottawa / University Of Ottawa, Université D'Ottawa / University Of Ottawa
Equilibrium adsorption properties are studied on zeolites for the application of upgrading biogas from landfills. Pure adsorption isotherms of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) measured with a constant volume apparatus. The Henry's Law constant and the heat of adsorption for NaLSX is also determined. The adiabatic working capacity and selectivity of four adsorbents is compared. NaLSX showed the highest capacity for CO2 at elevated temperatures. The binary equilibrium of CO2/CH4 on NaLSX is
more » ... CO2/CH4 on NaLSX is measured in a modified gas chromatograph at total mixture pressures of 1 and 3.3 atmospheres. The adsorbed phase is dominated by CO2 with a selectivity of 20 to 100 for the separation of CO2 and CH4. The increase in total pressure resulted in an increase in adsorbent capacity and a decrease in selectivity. Finally, an economic analysis relates landfill size to PSA operational costs and returns.
doi:10.20381/ruor-19243 fatcat:krqwfmxpezh6he3fyiukkxttvm