Possible New X‐Ray–selected EGRET Identifications

Brian Punsly
1999 Astrophysical Journal  
This paper selects potential EGRET (high-energy c-ray) identiÐcations from a catalog of radio sources with strong X-ray emission (ROSAT /Greenbank, RGB catalog). In particular, we look for weak to moderate radio sources with strong X-ray emission. Such a search is designed to locate high-frequency peaked BL Lacertae objects (HBLs) and intermediate-frequency peaked BL Lacertae objects (IBLs), as well as Galactic magnetized black holes, all of which have been argued in the literature to harbor
more » ... rature to harbor relativistic jets capable of high-energy c-ray emission. We Ðnd three new HBL/IBL BL Lacertae identiÐcations (and one marginal IBL BL Lacertae identiÐcation), one compact Galactic object (possibly a magnetized black hole), and three other radio sources of unknown identity.
doi:10.1086/307094 fatcat:l7wa33pl6nfw7lh3n3kxdbgyre