Planning and Scheduling for Industrial Demand-Side Management: State of the Art, Opportunities and Challenges under Integration of Energy Internet and Industrial Internet

Songsong Chen, Feixiang Gong, Mingqiang Zhang, Jindou Yuan, Siyang Liao, Hongyin Chen, Dezhi Li, Shiming Tian, Xiaojian Hu
2021 Sustainability  
Industrial power has a large load base and considerable adjustment potential. Enterprises with a high degree of automation and adjustable potential can automatically adjust the production status according to the peak load, frequency of the power grid and the demand of new energy consumption, so as to realize automatic demand response. This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges of industrial demand response under the integration of Industrial Internet and Energy Internet. At the same
more » ... me, the development direction of industrial demand response under the new situation, such as comprehensive demand response, adjustable load resources and other technical and policy aspects are prospected.
doi:10.3390/su13147753 fatcat:lym5vl4wfvbr5nat4v3bf3ejim