A packaged 1.1-GHz CMOS VCO with phase noise of -126 dBc/Hz at a 600-kHz offset

C.-M. Hung, K.K. O
2000 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
A packaged 1.1-GHz CMOS voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with measured phase noise of −92, −112, and −126 dBc/Hz at 10-, 100-, and 600-kHz offsets is demonstrated. According to [1], these satisfy the GSM requirements. The extrapolated phase noise at a 3-MHz offset is −140 dBc/Hz. The power consumption is 6.8 and 12.7 mW at DD = 1 5 and 2.7 V, respectively. The VCO is implemented in a low-cost 0.8-µm foundry CMOS process, which uses p + substrates with a p − epitaxial layer. Buried channel
more » ... . Buried channel PMOS transistors are exclusively used for lower 1 noise. The inductors for the LC tanks are implemented using a series combination of an on-chip spiral inductor, four bond wires, and two package leads to increase . This technique requires no extra board space beyond that needed for the additional package leads. Index Terms-Bond wires, CMOS, highinductor, 1 noise, package, RF, voltage-controlled oscillator.
doi:10.1109/4.818925 fatcat:rpizhv5tjngwpdagioy3rnzqmm