Water-gas shift (WGS) Operation of Pre-combustion CO2 Capture Pilot Plant at the Buggenum IGCC

H.A.J. van Dijk, K. Damen, M. Makkee, C. Trapp
2014 Energy Procedia  
In the Nuon/Vattenfall CO 2 Catch-up project, a pre-combustion CO 2 capture pilot plant was built and operated at the Buggenum IGCC power plant, the Netherlands. The pilot consist of sweet water-gas shift, physical CO 2 absorption and CO 2 compression. The technology performance was verified and validated models were obtained. This paper describes the validation of a WGS reactor model and the excellent catalyst resistance to carbiding at steam/CO=1.5 mol·mol -1 testing. Model-based optimization
more » ... shows that compared to conventional operation at steam/CO=2.65, applying steam/CO=1.5 leads to a 10% lower CO 2 capture penalty of 1155 MJ electric ·t CO2 -1 , albeit at a decreased optimum CO 2 capture efficiency of 78.5% versus 87.5%.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2014.11.215 fatcat:pni5cjnw3bdutb4omrqvnapwyy