DeepSpace: An Online Deep Learning Framework for Mobile Big Data to Understand Human Mobility Patterns [article]

Xi Ouyang, Chaoyun Zhang, Pan Zhou, Hao Jiang, Shimin Gong
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In the recent years, the rapid spread of mobile device has create the vast amount of mobile data. However, some shallow-structure models such as support vector machine (SVM) have difficulty dealing with high dimensional data with the development of mobile network. In this paper, we analyze mobile data to predict human trajectories in order to understand human mobility pattern via a deep-structure model called "DeepSpace". To the best of out knowledge, it is the first time that the deep learning
more » ... approach is applied to predicting human trajectories. Furthermore, we develop the vanilla convolutional neural network (CNN) to be an online learning system, which can deal with the continuous mobile data stream. In general, "DeepSpace" consists of two different prediction models corresponding to different scales in space (the coarse prediction model and fine prediction models). This two models constitute a hierarchical structure, which enable the whole architecture to be run in parallel. Finally, we test our model based on the data usage detail records (UDRs) from the mobile cellular network in a city of southeastern China, instead of the call detail records (CDRs) which are widely used by others as usual. The experiment results show that "DeepSpace" is promising in human trajectories prediction.
arXiv:1610.07009v2 fatcat:wi3aqymwvvafhpug3xchj66v5u