A Smart Algorithm for Dynamic Task Allocation for Distributed Processing Environment

Kapil Govil
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
A Distributed Processing Environment (DPE) consists of multiple autonomous computers that communicate through a communication media. In DPE a task is divided into many fractions and each of which is to be get processed. The task allocation problem can be explained in terms of number of tasks and number of processors available. In the present method propose a dynamic model for task allocation in DPE. Present method describes the allocation of m tasks in the environment of distributed processing
more » ... ributed processing with n processors (m>n) that completes in k number of phases. This method allocates the tasks to the processor to increases the performance of the DPE; and based on the inter task communication cost between executing task and another tasks. Residing cost and reallocation cost in various phases has also taken in consideration. On implemented the suggested algorithm we have obtained the phase wise optimal allocation and overall optimal cost. The run time complexity has been computed and compared with existing approaches. It is found that suggested algorithm is much better as compared to others.
doi:10.5120/3362-4641 fatcat:v4sf3eq5ufbuxajjsva62arku4