RRT-A*-BT approach for optimal collision-free path planning for mobile robots

Abdelfetah Hentout, Abderraouf Maoudj, Djelloul Yahiaoui, Mustapha Aouache
2019 Algerian journal of signals and systems  
This paper deals with the problem of optimal collision-free path planning for mobile robots evolving inside indoor cluttered environments. Addressing this challenge, a hybrid approach is proposed combining Rapidly-exploring Random Trees (RRT), A-Star (A*) and Back-Tracking (BT) algorithms (RRT-A*-BT). Thus, a vision system is used for a nearly-exact modeling of the environment through image processing. Moreover, each iteration of the basic RRT approach is guided by A* algorithm while trying to
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doi:10.51485/ajss.v4i2.81 fatcat:smwv45aycnb7ra5pgzbuspjw7q