Foreign Protestants, and Aliens, Resident in England

1862 Camden Old Series  
A note of all such Allien straungers, Frenche and Dutch, which worcke and use the CUTLER'S trade in and about London, Westminsteri Strond, Southwarcke, and East Smythfeilde. Peter Brocke, denisen, a m r of Baltasar Pheiglar, no denizeine, a longe tyme. Peter Balse,no denisen, a servaunt' Oudenall Cratch, denizen, a servaunt. Gregory Eves, no denizeine, yet servaunt. Angle Bret Euans, no denizeine, a servaunt. Jonas Melshar, denizeine, a servaunt. worcketh as a M r a longe tyme, Adam Fasloven,
more » ... denizeine, a beinge olde and poore. servaunt. George Scate, a denizeine, and Peter Spetzey, denizeine, a M r of a M r . late tyme. John Prestwood, no denizein, a -Peter Garret, denizeine, a M r of servaunt. longe tyme. Lambert Peterson, no denizeine, Haunce Spright, denizeine, a M r a servaunt. Widowe Lambert, a denizeine a longe tyme. William Beillse, no denizeine, a servaunt. Mathew Margren, a Frencheman, no denizein, a M r . longe tyme. John West, no denizeine, a M r of late tyme. Clem[ent] Semp[er],no denizeine, a servaunt. John Johnson, no denizeine, a servaunt. John Pawll, a frenchman, a deni-Jacob Shephard, no denizeine, a servaunt. Andrew Frystell, no denizeine, a M r . zeine, a M r . Anthoney Bone, alias Gilberdson, no denizeine, a servaunt. John Hannce, a denizeine, a M r of Henry Lyskens,denizeine; havinge longe tyme. sword blades sent him by mar-George Cherretree, no denizeine, chauntes from beyonde the seas, a M r of longe tyme. to sell by grosse as all other mer-FOREIGN PROTESTANTS, AND ALIENS, IN ENGLAND. chaunts do or sholde, he selleth them by dozeine andhalf dozeine, and in smaller nomber byretayle, to the great hurte and damage of the company in generall, and some other particular persons (In dorso.) A note of alliens straungers using and exercisinge the art of Cutlarie in London, Westminster, Strond, Sowthwarcke, and East Smythfeild, this xj th of Marche, 1621. who buy of the saide swordes blades of others, and beinge freemen do retayle the same, who, by his retaylinge in that manner, ar much hyndered.
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