2018 Issues in Information Systems  
As consumer demand grows for remote banking services, faster turn around times and e-commerce convenience, financial institutions are forced to advance technologically or risk loss of market share. In keeping up with the times, the financial sector has given rise to FinTech. Regulators' attempts to police FinTech products and services, in turn, has given rise to RegTech. As in all advancing technology, the threat of hackers, security breaches, and theft become a daily concern. Cybersecurity,
more » ... . Cybersecurity, therefore, plays an essential role in the success and continuing advancement of FinTech and RegTech. The following questions emerge: 1. Does advancing FinTech hinder the role of regulators; 2. Will RegTech be able to adequately keep up with the growing demands of FinTech; and 3. Is cybersecurity advancing in a manner to provide proper protection against financial threats. This paper explores, through a literature review, the role of FinTech, RegTech and the reliance on effective cybersecurity.
doi:10.48009/3_iis_2018_220-225 fatcat:i2n5mt26qfexxm4or5hksgnsx4