Attempt of Moisturizing Care of the Lower Legs of Parkinson's Disease a Patient with Restless Legs Syndrome
レストレスレッグス症候群を呈するパーキンソン 病患者への下腿部保湿ケアの試み

Taichi Hitomi, Chigusa Yachi, Hajime Yamaguchi
2019 Nihon Kango Gijutsu Gakkaishi  
Hajime Yamaguchi 本症例は,レストレスレッグス症候群(RLS)を有すると思われる両下肢の熱感,疼 痛,むずむず感を呈する重度寝たきりのパーキンソン病患者であった.本症例は,入浴 後に行われている下 部への保湿塗布により,RLS と思われる症状を強める傾向にあっ た.先行研究によれば,ઃ秒にઅ-ઇcm の速さで下 部への保湿剤塗布を行うことで, リラクセーションの効果が期待できると報告されている.そこで本研究では,先行研究 に基づいた,ઃ秒にઅ-ઇcm の速さを意識した下 部への保湿塗布の有効性を検討し た.結果,Visual Analog Scale を指標とした熱感,疼痛,むずむず感に大きな変化を もたらした.同時に筋緊張にゆとりがみられ,若干ではあるが,関節可動域の変化も確 認された. 本研究は,RLS への根本的な解決策となるものではなかったが,本研究で行った方法 は,新たなカウンセリングやコミュニケーション手段の一環として行うことに意義があ ると考えている.加えて,熱感,疼痛,むずむず感の訴えが減少したことは,RLS を呈
more » ... うつや不安の予防が期待される. キーワード:保湿ケア,レストレスレッグス症候群,パーキンソン病 This is a case study of a patient with severe Parkinson s disease which made the patient bedridden. The patient had symptoms including sensations of heat, pain, and restlessness on both of her lower legs. The symptoms appeared to be those of restless legs syndrome (RLS) . The patient reported that those symptoms of RLS were felt stronger especially after receiving moisturizer application to the lower legs after bath. A preceding study reported that relaxation effect was observed by the application of the moisturizer at the speed of 3 to 5 cm per second. Therefore, in order to verify this effect, the moisturizer was applied at the speed of 3 to 5 cm per second to the lower legs of the patient. As a result, some major changes were reported concerning the sensations of heat, pain, and restlessness of the lower legs using the Visual Analog Scale. At the same time, muscle tension clearly decreased, and the range of motion of the joints of the lower legs improved slightly after the moisturizer application. This research did not serve as a fundamental solution to RLS, but the method used in this study can be applied as a new type of counseling or communication with the patients in clinical settings. Furthermore, since the reduction of heat, pain and restlessness was reported, this method can possibly contribute to the prevention of depression and anxiety, which are common comorbidities of RLS. Key words:moisturizing care,restless legs syndrome,Parkinson s disease (36) Japanese
doi:10.18892/jsnas.18.0_36 fatcat:mkfkaprqifggrhta22t4c2tyhm