Exploiting non-equilibrium phase separation for self-assembly

Michael Grünwald, Simon Tricard, George M. Whitesides, Phillip L. Geissler
2016 Soft Matter  
Demixing can occur in systems of two or more particle species that experience different driving forces, e.g., mixtures of self-propelled active particles or of oppositely charged colloids subject to an electric field. Here we show with macroscopic experiments and computer simulations that the forces underlying such non-equilibrium segregation can be used to control the self-assembly of particles that lack attractive interactions. We demonstrate that, depending on the direction, amplitude and
more » ... n, amplitude and frequency of a periodic external force acting on one particle species, the structures formed by a second, undriven species can range from compact clusters to elongated, string-like patterns.
doi:10.1039/c5sm01922b pmid:26658789 fatcat:53zety252fhhflfhmruw6dykna