Study on a Compression Algorithm of SAR Data after Range Focusing

Shang-Chun Zeng, Yun-Xia Xie, Yi-Xian Chen, Xian-Lin Deng, Wang Huazhang
2014 Open Automation and Control Systems Journal  
It is difficult to directly compress the raw data of synthetic aperture radar because of its low relativity. In this paper, a new algorithm is put forward. Firstly, range focusing is imposed to SAR raw data, which makes it have comparatively high relativity, secondly, a linear prediction is performed along the azimuth, and lastly, block adaptive quantization is performed on the prediction difference series. By using a set of real SAR raw data, compression and decompression are performed
more » ... vely. The SQNR and SDNR are achieved. The images corresponding to the three algorithms are gained. The experiments manifest that with same bit rate, SQNR and SDNR of the algorithm proposed in this paper surpass that of BAQ algorithm. The calculation in this paper is far less than that of compression method after range focusing advised in corresponding reference. The algorithm proposed in this paper has a certain practical value.
doi:10.2174/1874444301406010017 fatcat:sy4qa2szbrbhjdyx5pjlfdkj6a