Energy Consumption Modeling and Prediction in the Cloud Data Centers

Sara Diouani, Research Foundation for Development and Innovation in Science and Engineering, Casablanca, Morocco, Hicham Medromi
2020 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review  
Energy efficiency has turned into an undeniably essential worry in data centers as a result of issues related to energy consumption, including capital costs, working costs, and natural effect. While energy wastage, because of imperfect utilization of facilities and IT hardware, has to a great extent been decreased using best-practice advances, tending to energy loss in IT equipment, still requires the plan and usage of energy-aware resource management frameworks. Various methods aimed to
more » ... the energy efficiency in data centers have been developed in the field related to the development of resource allocation. In fact, researchers and scientists utilize numerous ways to improve effectiveness for optimized power and performance: scaling virtual machine and server preparing abilities to minimize energy consumption, enhancing resource use through exploiting its heterogeneity and consolidating the workload. To accomplish these objectives, there is multiple proposes models, calculations, algorithms, techniques, and procedures that diminish energy use using virtual machine scaling, virtual machine sizing for CPU and memory, CPU frequency adjustment, and also equipment power control for resource allocation in the server-level. The proposed online performance and power models catch framework conduct while adjusting to changes in the fundamental infrastructure. In this context, we present different formulas for calculating energy consumption in cloud data centers and we propose a simplified and completed deduced formula for energy consumption estimation
doi:10.25103/jestr.133.25 fatcat:or6u4yy4hjhqzpalruq43zqjgi