The World is an autology -and its structure is set by the properties of its tautologies (2018) [stub]

Alexandre Harvey-Tremblay
2018 Figshare   draft withdrawn
We report a mathematical construction that is autological, universal and tautological. The autological property allows the derivation of the laws of physics from the construction, while the other two properties explain why the construction is universally and necessarily applicable to the world. The construction can explain the World at its most fundamental level up to and including the derivation of the familiar laws of physics. It is formulated as a statistical ensemble of feasible mathematics
more » ... (an algorithmic information theory analog to statistical physics) and its domain is the set of all analytical statements of logic ---here they take the role of the permissible facts of the world. The familiar laws of physics are emergent from the ensemble as entropic laws; this includes special relativity, general relativity, dark energy, the Schrödinger equation, the Dirac equation, quantum field theory, the speed of light as a maximal speed, and the space-time background. Furthermore, the construction provides tentative solutions in regard to the quantum measurement problem, the unification of physics and the arrow of time. In this context, the laws of physics are interpreted as the limits applicable to the feasible verification of the elements of the set of all analytical facts (they limit the actual facts of the world). The scope is universal (applies to the whole world), it is constructed tautologically (is irrefutable) and it is autological (allows the derivation of the laws of physics) ---thus, it is a tentative final theory.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5939059.v29 fatcat:32lkix5fsfe2ni2vukq6xexthu