Fear & Fear Politics (2 Poems) [article]

Bhawani Shankar Adhikari, University Of Calgary
Fear! The master of the masters Guiding force of all to both humans and non-humans Draws the attention to all Derives peace and order Cultivates the sense of duty and responsibility Maintains law and order even in chaos Activates discipline even to the beasts Discourages criminals to commit crime Keeps in morality, ethics, sinless, harmonious and prosperous Draws nervousness, depression and insanity if it is too much Harmful if too extreme, but meaningful if it functions in limits Comes from
more » ... inner part of heart and appears in the appearance Outcome of consciousness and knowledge Beautiful and creative in its positive form Harmful, worthless in the negative appearance Law of the laws functioning in creative perspective Law of violence, horror, terror, sin, crime, and murder in destructive form Beautiful and creative if properly dealt with Mother of creation of all the 21th century Stone age in the absence of its function Source of world war in extreme form Solution of all the obstacles in its medium use Boon to life in medium exercise Curse of all in the exercise of extreme Welcome to positive-medium use of fear Farewell to negative extreme form of fear ****
doi:10.11575/prism/37605 fatcat:n5zpncho7bhghf3uxnlnsaf6pq