The effect of additional sugar palm fibres on the durability of mixed Laston AC-WC

S A Datu, R Rachman, M Selintung
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
To obtain a good quality concrete asphalt, in the process of planning a mixture must consider the characteristics of a concrete asphalt mixture including durability which is the resistance of the asphalt mixture to the effects of weather, water, temperature changes, as well as wear due to vehicle wheel friction. Sugar palm fibres are many and easy to obtain because they come from agriculture. Sugar palm fibres have durable nature and are not easy to rot either in an open state (resistant to
more » ... e (resistant to weather) or embedded in the soil. In this study, we will examine the effect of adding sugar palm fibres to the durability of the Laston AC-WC mixture, and sugar palm fibres as an addition to the binding of asphalt to the aggregate. The method used in this study is the Marshall method. The results showed that the durability of the mixture with 2% fibres added ingredients was still stronger than those using 1.5% so that the use of sugar palm fibres added in the Laston AC-WC mixture would help the durability of the mixture because the cavities in the mixture were getting smaller, so it was more waterproof, also the bond between aggregates which is the stability of the mixture can be maintained while maintaining the flexibility of the mixture. While the Marshall Immersion test results obtained strong mixture durability if the use of sugar palm fibres as added 2% in the mixture.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/419/1/012063 fatcat:2ne5ot5aqbb3rbj3ekmu5lhb7a