Consumer's Demand and the Online Promotion of the e-service Quality through the Websites-An Empirical Study in China

Zhenfeng Wei
2015 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology  
Over the past several years electronic commerce (e-commerce) has changed the business transaction way, and online service quality has a significant influence on many important aspects of e-commerce. However, there are few quantitative studies on the investigation of the online service quality evaluation focused on the market in China, which is one of the developing countries with the highest online population growth. This paper is an attempt to identify the main factors affecting the online
more » ... ting the online service satisfaction of the e-commerce websites in China, and Fuzzy TOPSIS is employed to evaluate the eservice quality through internet for the online consumers. The results could be the guideline for the e-commerce companies in terms of improving their online services. Recent developments in terms of e-service have led researchers and practitioners to reevaluate certain traditional concepts, such as service quality and satisfaction, in the context of information technology. Online consumers actively participate in service delivery, supplying their own effort and time, and consumers also contribute by assuming part of the responsibility for service delivery. This aspect of online purchasing can affect perceptions of service quality and satisfaction [16] . Whereas traditional service quality is defined as a "consumer's judgment about anentity's overall excellence or superiority" [17], e-service quality represents "the extent to which a website facilitates efficient and effective shopping, purchasing and delivery" [17] . The relevant literature on e-service quality indicates that a website is not simply a utilitarian tool for finding information, making choices, and ordering a product or service [18] . A series of researches have been done in terms of the web site quality measurement [19, 8] , online service quality evaluation [20] [21] [22] 17, 16] , or e-retailing quality appraisal [13] are done. In general, these results derive from rigorous development efforts and focus on important characteristics pertaining to information or the system; few consider the service dimension of online services comprehensively [23] [24] [25] . The related research results are summarized in Table 1: Information content, design, security, privacy
doi:10.14257/ijunesst.2015.8.3.06 fatcat:sneme3hn3zeapbvj2owbh7lnru