Pfa For Concrete: Mix Proportioning And Strength Development

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd. Warid Hussin
1987 Jurnal Teknologi  
Synopsis This paper describes an investigation on mix design of concrete incorporation highly percentage of pulverized fuel ash (pfa} as a cement replacement in concrete. Studies are also made on the strength development of OPC/superplasticised pfa concrete designed for a specified workability and 28 days strength equivalent to that of the corresponding OPC concrete capering a very wide range of pfa usage (from 30% to 70%), water: cement ratio and age at test. Mixes designed by partial but
more » ... t replacement of 70% of pfa and water . cement ratio of 0.3 and a superplasticizer dosage of 2% by weight of cement + pfa, shows a slightly lower strength compared to OPC at earlier age but the concrete achieves comparable strength to OPC concrete at later ages. Such a concrete also exhibits highly workable properties with 110 detrimental effects on the quality of the concrete.
doi:10.11113/jt.v10.968 fatcat:mnxvhop6znenjfjkotdmn7f66e