Technical Division quarterly progress report, January 1--March 31, 1978 [report]

C Slansky
1978 unpublished
Progress for the first quarter of 1977 is repoi^ted on ERDA-budgeted activities subcontracted to Allied Chemical Corporation at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. The work is divided into three categories. Fuel Cycle Research and Development Results are presented on the fluidized-bed calcination of high-level radioactive waste from the reprocessing of spent commercial nuclear fuel, on the post treatment of the calcine, and on the removal of actinide elements from the waste prior to
more » ... waste prior to calcination. Other projects include the development of storage technology for^^Kr waste; a study of the hydrogen mordenite catalyzed reaction between NOx and NH3; the adsorption and storage of ^^^I on silver exchanged mordenite; physical properties, materials of construction, and unit operations studies on the evaporation of high-level waste; the behavior of volatile radionuclides during the combustion of HTGR graphite-based fuel; and the use of fission product ruthenium in age-dating uranium ore bodies. Special Materials Production vi * x CONTENTS ABSTRACT i SUMMARY ii RESULTS -FUEL CYCLE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 1 Not volatile at 900°C-form BaCOa Volatile at 700°C-form CdO Volatile at 900°C Volatile at 700°C Not volatile at 900°C Not volatile at 900°C Appears volatile at 900°C-analyses pending Volatile at 300°C Volatile at 900°C Not volatile at 900°C Volatile at 900°C-forms M0O3 Volatile at 500°C Volatile at 200°C Volatile at 500°C Volatile at 900°C Volatile at 900°C
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