Yanti Sari, Wawan Kustiawan, Afif Sukartiningsih, Ruchaemi
Propagation of Myrmecodia tuberosa was developed for induction shoot from different explant sources by using various plant growth regulators (PGRs). Cotyledons, hypocotyls, tubers and roots on initiation; shoot tip and axillar bud on multiplication stages have been successfully regenerated on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium agar. The effects of PGRs BA-6 benzylaminopurine (BAP) on initiation, BAP + GA3-Gibberelic acid (GA3) on multiplication and NAA-α-Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) on rooting
more » ... e studied. Various medium both single and combination viz coco peat, fern, charcoal, and moss on acclimatization stage were describe. The results showed that different explant sources of M. tuberosa were potentially produced high number of shootswhich was influenced by the varying concentration of PGRs. In initiation stage, the optimum number of shoots, 15.60 per explant,was obtained from hypocotyls on MS medium agar with BAP 4 mg/L for 12 weeks while axillar bud on MS medium agar BAP 9 mg/L resulted the highest number of shoots (36.60 per explant) for 12 weeks in multiplication stage. In rooting stage, the addition of NAA 0.15 mg/L on MS medium agar was found as optimum PGRs to obtain highest number of root (18.40 root per explant). Plantlets of M. Tuberosa were also successfully acclimatized at green house in coco peat+moss and fern+moss medium in acclimatization with 100% survival. Therefore, it is suggested that the use of specific source e1xplant, PGRs either initial, multiplication, or rooting; and certain combination of medium in acclimation stage are important to be applied in order to increase the population of Myrmecodia tuberosa from North Borneo Island.