Measured and Predicted Operating Characteristics of a Tilting-Pad Journal Bearing with Jacking-Oil Device at Hydrostatic, Hybrid, and Hydrodynamic Operation

Thomas Hagemann, Peter Pfeiffer, Hubert Schwarze
2018 Lubricants  
Jacking-oil pockets are applied in many journals and thrust bearing applications in order to provide a hydrostatic oil film force that ensures a wear free run-up following a successful lift-off procedure. However, all components of the jacking-oil system have to be carefully designed in order to limit costs and prevent significant disturbance of hydrodynamic operation after deactivation of lift-oil. Experimental data and predictions for a four-pad tilting-pad journal bearing in load between
more » ... in load between pivot configuration are presented. Dynamic processes of the lift-off procedure as well as characteristic parameters of stationary conditions are studied. Moreover, hydrodynamic operation and hybrid lubrication providing a combined hydrodynamic and hydrostatic pressure distribution are investigated for sliding speeds up to 20 m/s. Analyzes of lift-off procedure prove that characteristic parameters such as lift-off pressures and vertical lift displacements are considerably influenced by manufacturing tolerances and misalignments. The comparison of hydrodynamic and hybrid lubrication provides a significant increase of load carrying capacity by additional jacking-oil supply at the maximum journal speed. In summary, results of measurements and predictions correlate well for all three investigated lubrication conditions.
doi:10.3390/lubricants6030081 fatcat:2wat5lmlkbcjjnf4npsl2onfoa