Surgical acupunctural analgesia and bioenergetics techniques related in stomatology

Marilizt Brizuela Mora, Marlenes de la Caridad Díaz Pérez, Elizabeth Expósito Paret, Félix Ricardo Muñagorry Rodríguez, Miguel Antonio Caballero White, Enso Quesada Aguilera
2018 Archivo médico Camagüey  
the surgical acupunctural analgesia allows accomplishing the surgical treatment without the use of conventional anesthetics, because acupuncture and electrotherapy achieve an increase of the painful doorstep in the patient and they produce a decrease or loss of the perception of the pain. This action combined with other techniques related bioenergetics is more effective. Objective: to popularize updated information on the use of the surgical acupunctural analgesia and techniques related to
more » ... ergetics in stomatology. Methods: a bibliographic revision was carried out from January to March 2017, at the libraries of Dentistry's and Medicine´s faculty of Medical Science's University of Camagüey´s province. It was consulted the printed bibliography, classical books, magazines and the available information in internet, which appear written in the Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. The search was carried out in databases like Medline, Lilacs, Dialnet, Redalyc, Hinari, Doyma and SciELO. Of the 90 articles found, 47 are included in the investigation; a high percentage of them were published in the last five years. Development: the bibliographical review shows the importance of combining the acupuncture with electrical techniques, psychological therapies, hypnosis, homeopathy, and auriculopuncture; when performing exodontias. There are mentioned the historic background, concepts, indications, precautions, contraindications, equipment and instruments, aspects that guarantee the success of treatment. It is pointed out the most useful acupuncture points, advantages of its use, iatrogenic and frequent adverse events. Conclusions: the surgical acupunctural analgesia is a procedure with scientific bases in continuous development. Its indication for exodontias in dentistry is clearly favorable and its efficacy is higher when combining with bioenergetics therapies, therefore it is necessary to encourage and to develop rigorous studies on this theme to stimulate and to promote its use among the profession [...]
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