Process Current Source for Investigation on Current Waveform in Electrolysis Process

Steffen Bintz, Friedrich Wilhelm Speckmann, Jörg Roth-Stielow
2018 ECS Transactions  
Hydrogen has rising relevance for the mobility sector as well as for storage in the field of regenerative energy sources. With new opportunities due to technical progress, investigation on the electrochemical process promises optimization in respect of efficiency and cost of electrolysis systems for renewable hydrogen. Hereby, influencing the electro-chemical process by varying electrical input variables is a little regarded field by now. Targeted optimization of the process or analyzing the
more » ... ects caused by non-ideal rectifiers used for power grid coupling are noticeable examples for this issue. To perfom these investigations in laboratory scale, a process current source (PCS), capable of providing dynamic variation of the electrical input variables is desirable. The requirements for generating current profiles for the mentioned investigation purposes as well as the setup of a PCS will be presented. 1 Integration to the AC grid brings the benefit of beeing capable to place the electrolyzer system where they are needed to relieve the grid without making major changes to the grid structure 10.1149/08301.0195ecst ©The Electrochemical Society ECS Transactions, 83 (1) 195-209 (2018) 195 ) unless CC License in place (see abstract). address. Redistribution subject to ECS terms of use (see Downloaded on 2019-07-16 to IP
doi:10.1149/08301.0195ecst fatcat:uvapythdwzdwnenr4i3xs6fdcu