Influence of scatter of cyclic properties of material on operational endurance of construction

2010 Kovové materiály  
In this study we propose a simple computing procedure to determine in probabilistic form the material constants that enter fatigue-life calculation, namely fatigue strength (ductility) coefficient σ f , (ε f ) and fatigue strength (ductility) exponent b (c). The procedure, which assumes log-normal distribution of fatigue life on the S-N curve, is based on the shift of the regression line (representing the fatigue-life curve) to the desired value of the probability of occurrence, and yields a
more » ... of material constants σ f , b, ε f , c ranging in probability of occurrence from 1 % to 99 %. Suitable application of this procedure to the life estimation model under random loading conditions yields the fatigue-life distribution function taking into consideration the scatter of cyclic material properties. The application of this method to evaluate fatigue reliability of a vehicle's construction is also presented. Based on the proposed methodology, the maximum permissible value of the scatter of a welded joint's cyclic properties was determined to ensure that the probability of premature fatigue failure occurrence would not exceed the allowable value. K e y w o r d s : material's cyclic properties, fatigue-life distribution function, probabilistic analysis, welded joint
doi:10.4149/km_2010_6_367 fatcat:76f7fxuarbcaznvfbx7ugcqssa