Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, February 10, 1905] [article]

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Till* v,bii.-ti'. lirtt anH »n»»l raltliliil II vir III ibi' •••rll. Ii i JAMES HIRST, . OTJR ar CcEH*' panainw Jr/>4; fTtsSFife VOLUME XXXI. "number 250 NANAIMO. BRITISH COLUMBIA, FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1 , x90S. BVENINO BiyiTXOH ./Jl'IOli"', •ioUCEMtKfaV FOR THIS WEEK 1 ill jus KfilltTs ( alwsV Ffi t .Jvlly -W«8-_'.T<-. m.w |6c . •_> 111 tins Kfillt-r -.laiu-Was ;! >«•, now 25c •i i'. liiis Ki iiier -lam -Was •Mf. iV'M-45o 7 !in.s-K<-illoi^ 'lam-. Was *1 (Ml. n.»w 75c TR00P« SHOOT DOWN A HUNDRED
more » ... KERS Warsaw Hur«aTa a Krwli OiUDrvak of BDxxlshod iu which many Lire* are Sacrificed-Again Great Kactorics Close I>owd in St Petersburg Owing to Diapute About Hour* of Labor. Waraaw, Keb I«.-0ver a hundred lisbed la the London papeta ' thU jod U«r uiWiOma ol uyu»* Vo ealure, sUihiet* wan ktlUd ot wounded l,y morning reported tbi death «l 0«r-aa •igut houi day teporlad at I the militaty iu a cHinllict wbicb to-jk ct'Bsi.J.ieuetal TohetUmfl, wluj wan oUoca wuikad an hour and then dopl«e at tba Katbnmen Iron Works wouiidcilNm Mie leg in a rooent riot manauo to aoe the duectota, «4 the Id whosiVSib r strikers '-were attempting to been amputated, out the liie in a luinaee ol tbc! si wiKt; AGAIN 'nouta, ling deuaiinienl ol ibe workn, '____ ' ' Ipiouioicra U ibo leumt aurac whoa the troops api« ared and a con-St. I'etersbnrg, Fob. Uk-'m pay aoc tbe week a suilte. ibo dBm«t ensued, Tbe tnmps flr.-d three prehension of (urther IrouMe w»lh a,dai«d ha wa» uuabln to aovollevs and liiiaMv sraUeleii the the Tim , -. v :,s r.n strikers. 'hh .... .Mi,.t .Al.e.i the The ropott of the death ol (i..vcr-,-!tLii-.i:i IS Sian .works itmek lietause the ditee-j, luudod. lie continues to receive tors weie unable to promise them a ^uaciied out guially and lormed teporu knd sicn d.a;jmei.ts as usual, workday 01 eisirt bouts. TVy. mea wueeu. .Special ile-spatebcs (rom Warsaw pub-at the Futilon works, who amro^ uoopw wallnue to aecaiw maute-nance ol order at tbe PuUlpB
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