Relationships among macro-minerals, other selected serum markers of bone profile and milk components of dairy cows during late-lactation

Ryszard Mordak, Zbigniew Dobrzański, Robert Kupczyński
2020 Annals of Animal Science  
AbstractTesting blood and milk parameters as well as analysing the relationships among these markers is very useful for monitoring the internal homeostasis and health in high-yielding dairy cows during various production periods. The aim of the study was to assess the correlations (relationships) among macro-minerals, such as calcium (Ca), inorganic phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mg), other selected bone profile markers, such as total protein (TP), albumin, activity of alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
more » ... hosphatase (ALP) measured in serum and selected milk components such as number of somatic cells (SCC), colony-forming units (CFU), milk fat (MF), milk protein (MP), milk lactose (ML), dry matter (DM), non-fat dry matter (FDM) and milk production in late-lactation cows. Both blood and milk samples were collected from 11 clinically healthy milking cows during the late-lactation period. The cows were examined once a day for 3 consecutive days resulting in 33 sets of blood and milk samples for laboratory and statistical analysis. Significant correlations were observed between: Mg and MP, Mg and FDM, ALP and SCC, TP and SCC, TP and MP, TP and FDM, albumin and MP, albumin and FDM, P and Mg, Mg and albumin, and between TP and albumin. When monitoring macro-mineral homeostasis and mammary gland health, especially in intensively fed high-yielding dairy cows correlations between these markers should be considered. The revealed correlations can allow for deeper comparative laboratory diagnostics of homeostasis and can be especially useful for laboratory monitoring of the potential risk of subclinical macro-mineral deficiency in high-yielding dairy cows.
doi:10.2478/aoas-2020-0094 fatcat:vuhs35xd6vfajhf3dim6wzdbpu