Drawing Tower In-Line Fabrication and the Spectrum Analysis of Sampled Fiber Grating

Yu Zheng, Wenjing Gao, Haihu Yu, Huiyong Guo, Shan Jiang, Desheng Jiang
2019 Photonic Sensors  
Sampled fiber grating is a special superstructure fiber Bragg grating with a wide range of applications in many fields. In this work, based on drawing tower in-line fabrication system, a new preparation method of the sampled fiber grating is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Experimental result shows that the obtained sampled fiber gratings possess dense reflection spectra, with a minimum reflection peak interval of only 0.09 nm. This method exhibits promising application prospect in
more » ... fabrication of the high-quality sampled fiber grating. On the other hand, the spectral characteristics of the sampled fiber grating are analyzed when the sub-grating is affected by the external physical quantities such as, in this paper, strain. Wavelength shift and intensity change in the reflection peak of the spectra indicate that the grating is affected differently by micro strains, due to the different spatial positions along the axis of the sampled fiber grating. This work is aimed at exploring the potential applications of the sampled fiber grating in quasi-distributed micro-area sensing with the millimeter level.
doi:10.1007/s13320-019-0559-4 fatcat:sr3fepe2eba4zm2a53eqpcfvbq