Practical routing in delay-tolerant networks

Evan P. C. Jones, Lily Li, Paul A. S. Ward
2005 Proceeding of the 2005 ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Delay-tolerant networking - WDTN '05  
First, I need to acknowledge the assistance and support of Lily Li, Jakub Schmidtke, and Allen George. This work started as a course project that Lily and I worked on together. Her assistance was invaluable for that work. Jakub put an amazing amount of energy into rewriting the core of the simulator used for the experimental evaluation in this thesis. The experiments went much smoother with his help. Allen did all the detective work to figure out how to extract the data we needed from the
more » ... e bus schedule database. Second, I would like to thank Professors Catherine Rosenberg and Keshav for agreeing to read my thesis. I also need to thank Professor Keshav for introducing me to the area of delay-tolerant networks. I would never have considered this topic for my research if it was not for him. Next, I would like to thank my supervisor, Professor Paul Ward, for his unending encouragement and enthusiasm. There were many times that I was discouraged by a negative result, or by discovering that someone else had already investigated a particular idea. He was always able to find a positive way to look at the results, or another aspect to investigate. I greatly appreciate the many hours of discussions we have had over the past three years. I need to thank my friends for keeping me reasonably sane and providing me with wonderful distractions, whether I needed them or not. My time in Waterloo has been so fantastic in large part because of them. I thank my parents for encouraging me to always chase my dreams. Finally, I thank Eran, for putting up with me when I am distracted, and for filling my life with so much love and joy.
doi:10.1145/1080139.1080141 fatcat:ckayvab3ubg4nnj24dzu22rhe4