The Human Cytomegalovirus UL74 Gene Encodes the Third Component of the Glycoprotein H-Glycoprotein L-Containing Envelope Complex

Mary T. Huber, Teresa Compton
1998 Journal of Virology  
The human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) gCIII envelope complex is composed of glycoprotein H (gH; gpUL75), glycoprotein L (gL; gpUL115), and a third, 125-kDa protein not related to gH or gL (M. T. Huber and T. Compton, J. Virol. 71:5391–5398, 1997; L. Li, J. A. Nelson, and W. J. Britt, J. Virol. 71:3090–3097, 1997). Glycosidase digestion analysis demonstrated that the 125-kDa protein was a glycoprotein containing ca. 60 kDa of N-linked oligosaccharides on a peptide backbone of 65 kDa or less. Based on
more » ... these biochemical characteristics, two HCMV open reading frames, UL74 and TRL/IRL12, were identified as candidate genes for the 125-kDa glycoprotein. To identify the gene encoding the 125-kDa glycoprotein, we purified the gCIII complex, separated the components by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and subjected gH and the 125-kDa glycoprotein to amino acid microsequence analysis. Microsequencing of an internal peptide derived from purified 125-kDa glycoprotein yielded the amino acid sequence LYVGPTK. A FASTA search revealed an exact match of this sequence to amino acids 188 to 195 of the predicted product of the candidate gene UL74, which we have designated glycoprotein O (gO). Anti-gO antibodies reacted in immunoblots with a protein species migrating at ca. 100 to 125 kDa in lysates of HCMV-infected cells and with 100- and 125-kDa protein species in purified virions. Anti-gO antibodies also immunoprecipitated the gCIII complex and recognized the 125-kDa glycoprotein component of the gCIII complex. Positional homologs of the UL74 gene were found in other betaherpesviruses, and comparisons of the predicted products of the UL74 homolog genes demonstrated a number of conserved biochemical features.
doi:10.1128/jvi.72.10.8191-8197.1998 fatcat:43aavsxyvjadhjd5u3rq6d2ti4