THE ART OF BOOK IN THE 17th-18th CENTURIES [chapter]

Olena Karakoz
The Art of Book in the 17th Century: the Main Innovations and Changes in the Illustration Technique Belarusian first pressman Frantcysk Skaryna pointed to the communicative function of the art of book decoration, the use of which for a printed book is necessary for "better perception" by a reader. Although this activity is inherent to the book in one way or another since its emergence (the search for the most appropriate form for a particular culture), it received its theoretical foundations
more » ... y in the 20th century. The outstanding master of illustration and the theorist of book art V.A. Favorsky considered that the art of book is synthetic art, the task of which, first of all, is in the spatial representation of the work, which moves in time, that is, in the organisation of the movement of the work in a certain rhythm. This was exactly what the book design should have been aimed at. V. Markova states: "The mentioned ideas are of great importance for understanding of the communicative nature of a book because each element of the book ensemble is perceived by V.A. Favorsky namely in the context of transferring of the text movement, which should be appropriately embodied in the rhythm of the book design: all elements of a booka cover, a flyleaf, a title, separate pages, a headpiece, endings, illustrationsorganise movement within it, as they mark the beginning and the end, as well as its partitioning in a certain way". The most consistent theory of the art of book as a means of communication in the 70s of the last century was developed by V.M. Liakhov. It is embodied in the model of the functional structure of a book, where a book is shown as a complex and multifaceted system based on the functional interaction of links of the elements taken in relation to the manthe consumer of the book. If traditionally the task of creation of a book ensemble was to combine three components: aesthetic, 7 Lutsyshyna D. V. (2019) Pryntsypy synerhii u tvorenni ta prezentatsii art-knyhy khudozhnytseiu A. Komarovoiu [Principles of synergy in the creation and presentation of art books by artist A. Komarova]. Proceedings of the Khudozhnyk i knyha (Ukraine, Kyiv, May 7, 2019) (eds. Chebykin A. V., Yakovliev M. I., Bitaiev V. A., Perevalskyi V. Ye., Fedoruk O. K., Berdynskykh S. O., Kharchenko P. V.), Kyiv: Natsionalna akademiia mystetstv Ukrainy, pp. 13-14.
doi:10.36059/978-966-397-197-1/153-172 fatcat:hiav3a5cm5cvzcyqiuf4pt6zw4