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1894 Expository Times  
188~o man~ i~. 25. Ir &dquoPrebendarius,&dquo whose note on Romans iv. 2 5 I have just read in THE EXPOSITORY TIMES, will consult Thomas Erskine's ThotrJlrfs on St. ~77//'Ẽ~t 'stle to the Romans, he will find his rendering of 81£ anticipated, and also his exposition of the passage. I droh this note because I am sure he . will be interested in tracing the thought of Romans iv. 25 through the whole of Ersl:ine's writings. Perhaps I ought to say that 7~<' Splr'ttllal <9y'~/and other Papers is the
more » ... ther Papers is the title of the volume which contains Erskine's exposition of Romans.
doi:10.1177/001452469400500413 fatcat:ehmtmyu6tnfqvptvatxeevquga