A Class of Finite-Volume Models for Atmospheric Flows Across Scales

Joanna Szmelter, Mike Gillard, Piotr Smolarkiewicz, Christian Kühnlein
2018 2018 Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference   unpublished
The paper examines recent advancements in the class of Nonoscillatory Forward-in-Time (NFT) schemes that exploit the implicit LES (ILES) properties of Multidimensional Positive Definite Advection Transport Algorithm (MPDATA). The reported developments address both global and limited area models spanning a range of atmospheric flows, from the hydrostatic regime at planetary scale, down to mesoscale and microscale where flows are inherently nonhydrostatic. All models operate on fully unstructured
more » ... fully unstructured (and hybrid) meshes and utilize a median dual mesh finite volume discretisation. High performance computations for global flows employ a bespoke hybrid MPI-OpenMP approach and utilise the ATLAS library. Simulations across scales-from a global baroclinic instability epitomising evolution of weather systems down to stratified orographic flows rich in turbulent phenomena due to gravity-wave breaking in dispersive media, verify the computational advancements and demonstrate the efficacy of ILES both in regularizing large scale flows at the scale of the mesh resolution and taking a role of a subgrid-scale turbulence model in simulation of turbulent flows in the LES regime.
doi:10.2514/6.2018-3497 fatcat:is4iats64vg4bk5uzjdyivqf24