Education And Intelligentnost': A Comparative Analysis

Olga I. Dimitricheva
2021 unpublished
The paper touches upon an issue of intelligentnost' and education formation in modern society which is at the moment undergoing the period when traditional Russian spiritual and moral values are being eroded. Social rationalization is one of the reasons that give rise to intelligentnost' as a personal quality. Individual's moral values strive for a greater amount of knowledge, constant self-improvement and selfdevelopment, as well as self-consciousness, are the prerequisites for
more » ... for intelligentnost' to originate. On the one hand, it is an ideal quality; on the other, it is a real quality of a person, it is an individual development track. Thus, there is both an ideal understanding of this quality and its practical manifestation. Education is not just an amount of knowledge, but a striving and a need for its accumulation as well as a capability to do that. An ability to reflect upon life and highly developed worldviews are indispensable attributes of education. When acquiring knowledge and skills, an educated person should establish their system of values, master a critical and creative approach to solving scientific and everyday problems, exercise selfcognition and self-observation. Education is not the only cause that entails reflection. It might be triggered by life circumstances that make people start thinking about the meaningfulness of their existence. Intelligentnost' and education are the qualities that contribute to the development of a new system of ideals that will be based on traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.02.02.26 fatcat:asdxcs5w4fbqbd57tj44p5j6gu