Seeking alcohol information on the Internet

2003 Vine: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems  
It has been argued that people may be more willing to seek potentially threatening information on the Internet than they would in 'real life' (Joinson and Banyard, 2002) . For alcohol drinkers, potentially threatening information includes diagnostic information on the amount they drink, and information about the negative effects of alcohol consumption. In the present study, participants with varying levels of alcohol intake and plans for change chose four alcohol-related articles to read (from
more » ... welve) using either the world-wide web (WWW) or pen and paper. Results showed that drinkers not currently reducing their drinking were more likely to seek diagnostic, potentially threatening anti-drinking information via the WWW compared to when seeking paper-based information. Drinkers either contemplating or engaging in efforts to reduce their drinking sought prodrinking information on the WWW, and anti-drinking information when using pen and paper. The potential role of the Internet, and perceived anonymity, in health promotion is discussed. Seeking Alcohol Information on the Internet 3
doi:10.1108/vine.2003.28733dae.013 fatcat:fumsmkuml5defpcpj7ssgxlvpe