Characterization of Water and Nitrogen Stress of Maize by Laser Induced Fluorescence

Adama Penetjiligue SORO, Emma Georgina ZORO-DIAMA, Kedro Sidiki DIOMANDE, Guy Euloge BANY, Yvon BIBILA MAYAYA BISSEYOU, Adjo Viviane ADOHI-KROU
2016 Applied Physics Research  
<p class="1Body">Water and nitrogen are essential for the optimal development of corn plants. A deficiency of these elements leads to lower crop production. Also, the health status of a plant influences the photosynthesis process. The photosynthetic diagnosis of a plant from the chlorophyll fluorescence spectrum induced by laser is non-destructive to the sample, reliable and fast method. As part of this work, we showed that it is possible to detect the nitrogen and water deficiencies of corn
more » ... ciencies of corn from the chlorophyll fluorescence ratio at 690 nm and 740 nm, when the measurements are performed before the senescence phase.</p><p class="1Body">Indeed, we found that the R fluorescence ratio increases over time, for any stress on the plant. However, R decreases with the nitrogen stress and increases with increasing water loss.</p><p class="1Body">The measures should be performed 51 Days After Planting (DAP) to detect water deficiency and the suitable date for nitrogen deficiency detection is 61 DAP.</p><p class="1Body">Before each of these dates, the plants will be considered water deficient if the fluorescence ratio R ≤ 1.34 and will be nitrogen stressed if R &gt; 1.36.</p>
doi:10.5539/apr.v8n4p64 fatcat:i2qsrcvnvjfhddrinljcrjxese