Cadmium induced inhibition of ammonium and phosphate uptake in anacystis nidulans: Interaction with other divalent cations

1984 Journal of General and Applied Microbiology  
The effect of Cd2+ and a combination of Cd2+ with non-inhibiting levels of metals like Cat, Zn2+ and Hg2+ on the uptake of ammonia and phosphate by Anacystis nidulans IU625 (ATCC 27144) was investigated. Increasing concentrations of Cd2+ resulted in the subsequent inhibition of both NH4+ and P043-uptake. The uptake kinetics was studied by monitoring short-term uptake rates at varying substrate levels. The values for Vmax (maximum uptake capacity) and Km (half saturation constant) were obtained
more » ... sing the double reciprocal plot. The NH4+ uptake as such, was found to be more sensitive to the heavy metal than the P043-uptake as fairly low levels of Cd2+ were sufficient to inhibit the process significantly. However, the uptake kinetics for both NH4+ and P043-was altered if Cd2+ was present in combination with other divalent cations such as Cat, Zn2+ and Hg2+ Zn2+ acted antagonistically to Cd2+ toxicity. Similarly, the Cat+-Cd2+ combination protected against inhibition by Cd2+ ions. Hg2+ behaved differently: the Cd2+_Hg2+ combination resulted in increased inhibition.
doi:10.2323/jgam.30.79 fatcat:bb3md2gy4bfnhl4pdej4mhrxtu