The ability of fungus Mucor racemosus Fresenius to degrade high concentration of detergent

Violeta Jakovljevic, Jasmina Milicevic, Jelica Stojanovic, Miroslav Vrvic
2014 Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly  
Article Highlights • Native isolate of fungus Mucor racemosus Fresenius was tested to high concentration of detergent • Influence of detergent on changes of fungal biochemical parameters • Fungus decomposed 62% of anionic surfactant during 16 days, which confirmed by MBAS assay • Detergent at concentration of 0.5% reduced about 60% of fungal alkaline phosphatase activity Abstract The ability of fungus Mucor racemosus Fresenius to decompose high concentration of commercial detergent (Merix,
more » ... l, Serbia) was investigated in this study. Fungus was cultivated in liquid growth medium by Czapek with addition of detergent at concentration 0.5% during 16 days. The biochemical changes of pH, redox potential, amount of free and total organic acids, and activity of alkaline phosphatase were evaluated by analysis of fermentation broth. Simultaneously, biodegradation percentage of anionic surfactant of tested detergent was confirmed by MBAS assay. At the same time, the influence of detergent on fungal growth and total dry weight biomass was determined. Detergent addition at concentration 0.5% resulted in a decrease in pH value and increase in redox potential as well as increase of free and total organic acids. Enzyme activity of alkaline phosphatase was reduced by detergent at concentration 0.5%. The fungus was decomposed about 62% of anionic surfactant during 16 day. Due to the fungus, higher dry weight biomass (53%) was produced compared to the control.
doi:10.2298/ciceq130922002j fatcat:x6zuv7dgw5b7hei7mtdlze5tni