Traffic Grooming and QoS Management over OLS Networks

Yassine Khlifi
2014 OALib  
Optical label switching (OLS) has been proposed as promising technology for providing seamless integration of data transmission and optical networking while supporting data burst and packet handling using label paradig m. The current status of OLS technology can insure fast switching, contention resolution and QoS provision. The main issue in OLS networks is how to improve network efficiency according to traffics requirements, since resources managing and traffic trans mission are fundamental
more » ... iteria that can influence the networking platform design. Imp roving network efficiency in OLS networks can be achieved using grooming traffic along transmission path or Label Switching Path (LSP) for providing a balance between resources allocation and utilizat ion. In this paper, we proposed a real-t ime traffic groo ming scheme through the use of an upgraded OLS core node architecture that can efficiently integrate several input traffics on the unique output port. The proposed scheme tries to increase the usage of the available resources in terms of Optical Delay Line (ODL) and wavelength conversion. This scheme introduces a new label switching framework that transports the requested information for handling suitably the grooming procedure, especially traffic requirements and real-time reachable resources. In addit ion, the p roposed scheme perfo rms a set of advanced functions including signaling tasks, resources allocation and utilizat ion mechanisms as well as dynamic QoS management. Finally, theoretical model and simu lation work will be conducted in order to validate our proposal and evaluate its performances and effectiveness.
doi:10.4236/oalib.preprints.1200050 fatcat:organ3cbrrbcjaorqvuo5yd7rq