Unusual Rhizoidal Development in Bangia (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) -Another Form of Vegetative Reproduction?

Christian Boedeker, Tracy J. Farr, Wendy A. Nelson
2007 ALGAE  
The gametophytic filaments of two genetically distinct taxa of Bangia from New Zealand showed unusual rhizoidal development in comparative culture experiments. In the past Bangia has been reported to possess simple, colourless rhizoids that extend from the basal cells of the unbranched filaments, whereas in this study the rhizoids observed became pigmented and multicellular. A reversal of growth direction occurred and filamentous extensions developed from the rhizoids under some culture
more » ... ome culture conditions. These extensions were either prostrate or resembled new gametophytic filaments. This is the first report for filamentous members of the Bangiales of the development of such stolon-like rhizoids, apparently serving as a form of vegetative reproduction.
doi:10.4490/algae.2007.22.1.031 fatcat:f3c52bm7vfbhpjfteycp7bsiaq