On hornblende andesites from the new volcano on Bogosloff Island in Bering Sea

George P. Merrill
1885 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
The rocks desoribed below were received from Lieut. G. M. Stoney, by whom they were collected and donated to the National Museum. On account of the interest just now attached to the locality they seem worthy of a special description. It is well to remark in the beginning that none of the samples received show freshly fractured surfaces, but are in the form of irregular blocks with their corners broken and rounded. They were accompanied and covered with a fine sand and dust of the same mineral
more » ... ture as the rocks themselves, but stained by sulphur and iron oxides. Even in the absence of definite information on the subject it seems safe to infer that they are simply ejected volcanic blocks, and not from recent lava flows, none of which have as yet been reported.
doi:10.5479/si.00963801.479.31 fatcat:2hafdsvr4jcprhestbcfzslemy