Application of the probabilistic dynamic synthesis method to realistic structures

Andrew M. Brown, Aldo A. Ferri
1999 AIAA Journal  
The Probabilistic Dynamic Synthesis method is a technique Ibr obtaining the statistics of a desired response engineering quantity for a structure with non-deterministic parameters. The method uses measured data from modal testing of the structure as the input random variables, rather than more "primitive" quantities like geometry or material variation. This modal information is much more comprehensive and easily measured than the "primitive" information. The probabilistic analysis is carried
more » ... using either response surface reliability methods or Monte Carlo simulation. In previous work, the feasibility of the PDS method applied to a simple seven degree-of-freedom spring-mass system was verified. In this paper, extensive issues involved with applying the method to a realistic three-substructure system are examined, and free and forced response analyses are performed. The results from using the method are promising, especially when the lack of alternatives for obtaining quantitative output for probabilistic structures is considered.
doi:10.2514/3.14320 fatcat:bgs56v7pwjgx3njhdgtmftf7fi