Akio Sakanishi
2003 Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi  
As some examples for Biorheology, especially in hemorheology that relates to blood circulation, experimental and theoretical studies are reviewed on the basis of our works. First erythrocyte sedimentation and mobility are quantitatively considered as rigid oblate ellipsoids against the axial ratio of red blood cell (RBC) at different osmotic pressures in non-aggregative RBC suspensions, while RBCs may be most deformable near physiological osmolality at which the mobility is maximum. Second
more » ... ic viscoelasticities in non-aggregative RBC suspensions are predicted by an elastic shell model and compared with complex viscosities measured with MLR (multi-lumped resonator). Third it is discussed also in aggregative RBC suspensions. Next we turn to blood vessels. Fourth nonlinear elastic stress-strain relations are represented by a single-or double-exponential equation for arterial vessels in both directions and for veinous vessels in longitudinal or in circumferential direction respectively. Fifth pressure pulse wave propagation is analyzed by the soliton model with the above exponential relation as well as experimental observations.
doi:10.1678/rheology.31.59 fatcat:tcdyxb4ervbflgtqxpboxiddn4