Numerical Investigation on the Evolution of Thin Liquid Layer and Dynamic Behavior of an Electro-Thermal Drilling Probe during Close-Contact Heat Transfer

Chan Ho Jeong, Kwangu Kang, Ui-Joon Park, Hyung Ju Lee, Hong Seok Kim, Jin-Yeong Park, Seong Hyuk Lee
2021 Applied Sciences  
This study investigates the transient behavior of an electro-thermal drilling probe (ETDP) during a close-contact melting process within a glacier. In particular, the present work analyzes the effect of the tip temperature on the formation of molten thin liquid films and the subsequent rate of penetration (ROP) through numerical simulation. We used the commercial code of ANSYS Fluent (v.17.2) to solve the Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equation, together with an energy equation considering the
more » ... solidification and melting model. The ROP of the drilling probe is determined based on the energy balance between the heating power and melting rate of ice. As the results, the ETDP penetrates the ice through a close-contact melting process. The molten liquid layer with less than 1 mm of thickness forms near the heated probe tip. In addition, the ROP increases with the heated temperature of the probe tip.
doi:10.3390/app11083443 fatcat:jmaob6l7zreczfmltmy42hp7gy