Wear of Flame-Sprayed Ni-Cr-B-Si Powder Coating on Journal for Seal Contact

Sheng-Yen Hu, Jia-Jyun Liao, Yuan Kang, D. Zhang, B. Zi, G. Cui, H. Ding
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Flame-sprayed techniques is used in this paper to coat Ni-Cr-B-Si powder on low-carbon steel or bearing steel materials of the journal surface. The wear tester is used to explore material properties of the binding capability, surface hardness, wear and friction within each layer depth. The normal force is applied in addition to the cladding layer by not only using bearing ball but also oil seal pieces, to explore rubber material of oil seal contact journal. In experiments to explore the
more » ... and processing conditions affect the microstructure and hardness of the cladding layer, and at the same hardness, surface roughness to affect the performance of the mill run.The results showed that spraying Ni-Cr-B-Si alloy powder in mild steel sheet to melt and run, cladding layer and the substrate has a uniform distribution of fine abrasive particles and binding effect, causing the substrate surface hardness (HRC) about promotion 10 times. While, if sprayed Ni-Cr-B-Si alloy powder to steel panels bearing surface because the surface coated compact structure, can reduce the surface roughness and the coefficient of friction, and more improve the wear resistance of the cladding layer.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20167710001 fatcat:czfhziai5nbqfflhjrpguvs4qi