Geometry of special Galileons

Jiří Novotný
2017 Physical Review D  
Theory known as Special Galileon has recently attracted considerable interest due to its peculiar properties. It has been shown that it represents an extremal member of the set of effective field theories with enhanced soft limit. This property makes its tree-level S-matrix fully on-shell reconstructible and representable by means of the Cachazo-He-Yuan representation. The enhanced soft limit is a consequence of new hidden symmetry of the Special Galileon action, however, until now, the origin
more » ... f this peculiar symmetry has remained unclear. In this paper we interpret this symmetry as a special transformation of the coset space GAL(D,1)/SO(1,D-1) and show, that there exists a three-parametric family of invariant Galileon actions. The latter family is closed under duality which appears as a natural generalization of the above mentioned symmetry. We also present a geometric construction of the Special Galileon action using D-dimensional brane propagating in 2D-dimensional flat pseudo-riemannian space. Within such framework, the Special Galileon symmetry emerges as an U(1,D-1) symmetry of the target space, which can be treated as a D-dimensional Kähler manifold. Such a treatment allows for classification of the higher order invariant Lagrangians needed as counterterms on the quantum level. We also briefly comment on relation between such higher order Lagrangians and the Lagrangians invariant with respect to the polynomial shift symmetry.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.95.065019 fatcat:wt3thulroje63i46s3s5lbrz3q