Factors and Trend in the Diffusion of Swing Yarders

Hidenori Suzuki, Uemura Takumi, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Umeda Shuji
Bulletin of FFPRI )   unpublished
The use of swing yarders which are a sort of high-performance forestry machines, is the fastest growing among these machines, in fact, most of the other types of machines are showing reduced growth rates. We anticipate that swing yarders will help to mechanize such work as non-clear felling. The aim of this report is to clarify the factors in the diffusion of swing yarders and discuss the possibility of future diffusion in each prefecture. An analysis indicated that the more a yarding system is
more » ... used and the more associations and organizations there are in a prefecture, the more swing yarders are used in that prefecture. The number of associations except forest owners had a particularly great influence on the number of swing yarders. With these two factors, that is, the use of yarding systems and the number of associations, we could derive a formula to estimate the number of swing yarders used in each prefecture. We could also obtain a formula to estimate the number of tower yarders in the same way as swing yarders. A comparison of these machines diffusion state based on these formulas, showed a negative relationship, that is, one machine was widely used in a prefecture when the other one was not. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the swing yarders will become more popular in prefectures where they are too few compared with estimated number by the formula. Particularly, in prefectures where tower yarders are too few or as many as estimated, they will do in the shortest time. And in prefectures where tower yarders are many, they will do in the future when these tower yarders will be replaced with swing yarders.