Nanocrystalline Permanent Magnets with Enhanced Properties

M. Leonowicz
2002 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
P ro ceed in g s of t h e I V I SSP MS '01 , J aszo wi ec 200 1 N an ocr y sta ll in e P er m an ent Ma gn ets w it h En h an ced Pro p ertie s M . L eon ow i c z Ê Facul t y of Ma t er i al s Science an d En gi neering , W arsaw Uni versi ty of T echno lo gy W o¤oska 141, 02-507 W arszawa, Po l and Para meter s of p erma nent ma gnets result from the com bination of intrinsic prop erties such as saturation magneti zation , magnetic exchange, an d magneto crystall i ne energy, as w ell as
more » ... , as w ell as microstructural parameters such as phase structure, grain size, and orientation . Reduction of the grain size into nano crystal li ne regime (¤ 5 0 nm ) leads to the enhanced remanence w hich deri ves from ferromagnetic exchange coupling betw een highly reÙned grains. In this study the fundamental phenomena, quantities, and structure parameters, w hich deÙne nanophase permanent magnets are presented and discussed. T he theoretical consideration s are conf ronted w ith exp erimental data for nano crystal li ne Sm { Fe{ N typ e permanent magnets. PACS numb ers: 75.50.{y , 75. 60. {d, 75. 75. + a
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.102.35 fatcat:hdvczulu5be5dmptiop3gviyy4