Drugs used in the treatment of affective disorders [chapter]

Philip B. Bradley
1989 Introduction to Neuropharmacology  
Ovarian functional disorders are the most frequently observed clinical entities in buffaloes and cattle. Among these disorders, delayed onset of puberty, anestrous, ovariancysts, persistent corporalutea and inactive ovaries are of great economic importance. The therapy of most ovarian pathologies except for functional disorders appears to be difficult. Among therapeutics used for controlling functional ovarian disorders, prostaglandins, minerals, vitamins and hormonal supplementation,
more » ... entation, gonadotrophin releasing hormones (GnRH and hCG), Bovine growth hormone-releasing factor (bGRF) and Somatotropin are successively used. GnRH, PGF2 and progesterone based protocols are used for treatment of anestrous animals. Good ovarian response was monitored by ultrasonography following using progesterone releasing intravaginal device (PRID) protocol than OvSynch in buffaloes suffering from inactive ovaries. GnRH administration is the most common option for treatment of follicular cysts in dairy cows, PGF2 is used for treatment of cows suffering from PCLand give sustisfactoryresults as indicated by a high percentage of animals became normal. The PRID and Ovsych estrous synchronization protocols were successfully used for the treatment of buffaloes with inactive ovaries during the low breeding season as indicated by an increase in overall pregnancy rate and reduction in days open and calving interval. It cloud be concluded that bGRF is the best treatment for delayed onset of puberty, GnRH, PGF2 and progesterone based protocols for anestrous, GnRH for follicular cysts, PGF2 for PCL and PRID and OvSych for inactive ovaries.
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